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Allotment Coronavirus Precautions and Information

We are allowed to carry on cultivating our allotments This is an enormous pleasure and privilege. It is essential that we do this safely, without putting ourselves and others at risk.

The following is the Committee’s view of how we should cultivate our allotments safely during the Coronavirus pandemic

The allotments provide valuable exercise and relaxation whilst allowing us to keep a safe distance from other people. The crops that we grow may become increasingly important if there are interruptions in the food supply chain.

It is essential that we follow Government health advice We have drawn up a list of simple measures that we believe it is important that members should follow.

We should all keep the recommended safe distance of 2 metres from everyone else other than people we live with. We have put up notices to remind everyone of this important measure. Children should be closely supervised and stay on or near the family plot.

The allotments are only open to members. Do not invite anyone else onto the site

The virus can survive for hours and even days on hard surfaces contaminated by an infected person. The gate keypads are an obvious potential source of infection. You must use a no touch technique when opening the lock The simplest way of doing this is to use a small plastic bag as a glove whilst opening the gate. Surgical gloves are an alternative. Take home the used ‘glove’ and dispose of safely.

Remember to avoid touching your face with your hands and wash your hands thoroughly before coming to the site and as soon as you get home

Unfortunately we have no mains water to wash our hands on the site. Do not wash your hands in collected rain water which is likely to be contaminated with other bugs. Hand sanitisers should be used if available.

Do not use other people’s tools

Shared machinry

We would like members to be able to continue to use the walk- behind mowers and cultivators as long as we can make it safe for them to do so. We have withdrawn the strimmer for now because of the need to wear ear defenders and goggles (unless you have your own). The keys to the shed, the padlocks, door, the machines themselves and most surfaces in the shed including petrol cans, are potential sources of infection. Members must wear disposable gloves when accessing the machine shed and whilst using the machines, from picking the keys up from a keyholder to returning the keys after use. To make opening the shed easier it will be secured with just 1 lock during the day. Disposable gloves will be available from the key holder. They should be taken home and disposed of carefully after use. We will only give out keys to members wearing disposable gloves. We will provide disinfectant spray for wiping down keys, locks, machine handles and controls as soon as we can.

Allotment Shop arrangements

For now the allotment shop will continue to open, 11.00 to 12.00 on Saturdays, 3.00 to 4.00 on Sundays but not quite as normal. To be on the safe side, please do not go into the shop itself and keep a safe distance (2 metres) from each other and the person in charge of the shop. From this weekend you will be able to pay with a debit or credit card so please use a card rather than cash. If you really can’t use a card, please pay by cheque (bring your own pen). No change will be given if you insist on paying with cash.

Irrigation System

Sadly we will have to postpone construction of the irrigation system until it is safe to do so. There is a difference between cultivating your own plot and being in a working party, where it would be impossible to maintain 2 metre separation, touching the same hard surfaces and physical contact.

This means that the two proposed working parties on next Saturday 28 March and Easter Saturday 11 April have been cancelled.

Neil MacLennan on behalf of the Committee