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by Jonathan Clark

We hope that the information provided here is of interest to current plot-holders, potential plot-holders and, in fact, anyone interested in growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. As well as information about the Trap Ground allotment site, annual events, working parties, etc, there is a useful calendar of activity for growers, and many valuable tips provided by current plot-holders.

This website is for the members of the allotment association. If you have a photograph, or a tip, or any other useful content to contribute, please let us know. Please feed back any comments or suggestions to

Happy digging!

Recent news

2014-08-24 2014 Photo Competition is open for entries

You can now enter your photos in the 2014 Photo Competition. Full details are given in the linked page.

2014-08-24 Harvest Supper 2014

The Harvest Supper will be on 8 November this year. Amongst the attractions will be a slideshow of the entries in the 2014 photograph competition, an announcement of the prize winners, and a poll to determine next year's theme.