2008 Photograph Competition

The winners

The competition has completed, and the judge, Hugh Palmer, has determined the winners. His comments, and the winning entries are below.

Hugh writes:

The standard of the entries was very high and it was delightful to see so many different approaches to the photographing of our beautiful allotments. In judging the winners among the entries, I tried to find images that reflected the ethos of the allotments, as well as those that showed originality and technical skill.

Second Prize
Borage, Jenny Lunnon, plot 85

The second prize goes to a beautiful image taken of borage caught against the low evening light. As a professional photographer I can recognise technical merit, and have to say that this picture is of the highest standard. It is quite difficult to take a photograph so much against the light, in this case also including the light source of the evening sun, without running into stray reflections and downgrading of the tones in the image. This difficult challenge has been met with ease and the main subject, exactly in focus, is perfectly exposed, standing out very well against the out of focus, backlit background plants and the impression of the allotment behind.

The Winner
Richard Hawkins

First prize goes to an interesting leafscape, which stood out from among the other entrants by reason of the wonderful originality of approach. I liked the slightly random composition of the leaves in the foreground, but the most original touch was the use of the fleece as an improvised or happened-upon background which gives a wonderful mysterious depth, while making the image as amusing as it is intriguing.

The entries

All the photos entered can be viewed by clicking on the photo below.

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