2009 Photograph Competition

The winners

Once again Hugh Palmer has been kind enough to judge the entries in the competition, and his comments follow. Meanwhile, we would like to run another photograph competition next year, and we seek inspiration for a theme. Please email ideas for a photograph competiton theme to tgaa@trapgroundallotments.org.uk

First prize

In the first place, wildlife in its more menacing aspect: Aphids, by Richard Hawkins. To be a front line war photographer takes guts, and the impact of this vivid action picture is the result. The viewer is projected right into the hell of it all. Shooting close-up like this, with the action unfolding terrifyingly near, it takes a cool nerve to frame a good composition and make sure the focus is in the right place. Well done!

Aphids, Richard Hawkins, plot 42e
Second prize

Second place goes to Jenny Lunnon for the frog portrait Rana Temporanea - pictures with titles in latin, this must be Oxford! The lighting is particularly good in this picture, again patience and good timing usually pay off in wildlife photography, with detail of colouring and texture being an important desideratum. The use of shallow depth of field and accurate focussing finishes off the job: the habitat is implied, rather than expressed with too much distracting detail.

Rana Temporanea, Jenny Lunnon, plot 85
Third prize

I chose as third best, the excellent butterfly picture Summer Colour, from Graham Coles, because the nice choice of background not only creates a pleasing pattern of colours overall, but defines the shape of the subject very clearly, without making the picture stiff and lifeless. There is even a slight blur on the top wing edge to show that the butterfly is alive, and indeed a split-second away from closing its wings. As anyone who has tried to photograph butterflies knows, they like to spend the majority of their time concealing rather than revealing their full beauty!

Summer Colour, Graham Coles, plot 67

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