2013 Photograph Competition

The winners

Once again Hugh Palmer has been kind enough to judge the entries in the competition. Hugh writes:

First prize

First prize goes to Ian Salisbury: somehow the unreal-looking insect fits into the stylish composition in a way that expresses its character and even its way of life... a great nature shot.

He keeps telling me to get the rows straight by Ian Salisbury

Second prize

Second prize goes to Suke Wolton: starring a very convincing pest, this is an unusual shot and a difficult one to get right – I like the spot on focus and the way the subject stands out from its background without dominating.

Dew Surprise by Sukie Walton

Third prize

Third prize goes to Rob and Flo: I enjoyed the change of scale, a chance to see the allotments and the attractive lighting - good casting too!

Persistent pest by Rob and Flo

The people's prize
Voted for by the people who attended the allotment harvest super.

The very hungry cateroillar by Alice Farmery

The rest of the entries are here:

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