2014 Photograph Competition

The winners

Once again Hugh Palmer has been kind enough to judge the entries in the competition. Hugh writes:

Judging was tough this year with a bumper crop of great entries. Would I be right in putting the numbers surge down to our demographic getting to grips with the photographic potential of the smartphone? Although I spent decades before the mast earning my living as an old school analogue photographer, I am delighted at the democratisation in image-making, brought about by these clever pocketable machines. And your average grandchild will be only too happy to explain how they work...


First prize

First prize is for Freddie Quartley's Two's Company: technically accomplished but also a charming and original response to the theme, well done.

Two's Company by Freddie Quartley

Second prize

Second prize to Carol Jarvis for a lovely composition and balance in a technically excellent shot (Tutu Marvellous). This could go on a wall, IMHO.

Tutu Marvelous by Carol Jarvis

Third prize

Third prize goes to Suke Wolton for Poppy: there were a good lot of colourful entries relying on a close-up - this one caught my eye because of the well-chosen, out-of-the-ordinary viewpoint and composition, as well as the luscious colour and good use of differential focus.

Poppy by Suke Wolton

The people's prize

As voted for by the attendees at the Harvest Supper, the people's prize went to Stuart Skyte for Red white and yellow.

Red white and yellow by Stuart Skyte

Special mention
to Democritus Senior for his airborne courgette, nice try, fun image, but we can't accept anonymous entries!

The rest of the entries are here:

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