2018 Photograph Competition

The winners

Hugh Palmer has again judged the entries for us. Hugh writes:

What a bumper crop! Congratulations to all who submitted so many colourful photos. In ascending order:

A special mention for Amélie Watson, for her exuberant “Floral Symphony”.
Picture from the collection

"Floral Symphony" by Amélie Watson (14)

Third prize to Noah Wolton’s "Found Colour", a truly radical approach.
Picture from the collection

"Found Colour (own Plot)" by Noah Wolton

Second to Sue Ledwith. Her picture "Edible Jewels" gained points for depth and drama.
Picture from the collection

"Edible Jewels" by Sue Ledwith

First to Alice Farmery’s “Forced Rhubarb” whose restrained colour scheme and elegant composition won her the top laurels.
Picture from the collection

"Forced Rhubarb" by Alice Farmery

At the Harvest Supper last Saturday 17'th November, the "People's Prize" was voted on and awarded to Florence Rossignol for "Tropical Jungle".
Picture from the collection

"Tropical Jungle" by Florence Rossignol

The entries...

2018 Photo Competition